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Why my approach is different

I'm Rex Anderson, Arizona Solo Attorney and Creator of Solo Professional Essentials, where we help you learn and master the technology in your Solo Practice.

40+ Years of Experience of Adopting Computers and Technology to my life and business

My fascination with making computers and technology work for me in my studies, career, and as a lawyer, started back to the mid 1970's.  For 9 years before returning to law school, I served as a computer systems analyst and independent computer consultant, training others to use  computers and software programs.

I teach you what I've discovered and used as a Solo Attorney with a Virtual Office since 2005

I share with you what I have learned as a practicing attorney since 1990, with my own Solo Attorney Virtual Office since 2005.  My office started on day one as a completely virtual office, allowing me to work from anywhere, quickly scale up and down, and learn what is the most useful tools and strategies to serve my clients.

A Unique Combination of Computer Expert and Practicing Solo Attorney

I know what works and what is a waste of time.  I share my perspective gained as a practicing attorney since 1990, pushing the use of computers and technology in my legal practice as far as ethically possible.  I will not waste your time on functions or options that you will never use, while working with examples and concepts that are part of your everyday legal practice.

Yes, you really can enjoy your day

You can enjoy getting your work done quickly and effectively when you have the confidence and competence that comes from mastering your everyday computer programs and technology tools, and applying those skills to your everyday work.  

Elevate your tech skills and competency up to the next level

Change is constant.  I help you discover and learn what is possible with today's tools, raising your level of mastery, so you can serve your clients faster, better, and more effectively.

Join me to increase your skills and knowledge about the Technology in your Solo Practice

Take the first step in mastering the technology tools in your solo practice.


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